Compiling: Check!

So today I’ve finally managed to get the project files to compile (everything with the exception of the engine.dlls, which I don’t need right now) and the game executable is bypassing the steam protection so I can run my version stand alone. Big thanks to all the help from Mike Durand over in Seattle at Valve for working them late nights to get us up and running.
This was unlike setting up any project I’ve ever worked on before. Valve are running a set of custom scripts and tools that auto generate the Visual Studio 2010 project files and they rely on a whole bunch of environment variables to be pointing in the right direction. Unfortunately the script that was to set up my machine with the requisite environment variables wasn’t setup to be compatible with anyone working off of a valve machine (and probably developing Portal2). Thankfully Durand whipped up a replacement script and we got the whole thing sorted.


About jacklouismorgan

Programmer and visual design artist extordinaire.
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