The Denoument

So I noticed a spike in my page views tonight I decided that I should anxiously tap out something for visitors to look at. Dear Esther development is coming to a close (I’ll be around for a period to handle your queries and any problems you might have playing the game so don’t fly into a state of delirious panic just yet). It’s been a rewarding project, and there’s a bit of code lying around on my hard drive now that I think deserves a place among the Source modding community so I’ll be writing up something on the Valve Developer Community Wiki sooner or later. Definitely the vertex shader wind code and client module optimisations.

Maybe I’ll just release the tools for this themselves but I’m thinking I’d prefer to do a step by step run down of the existing system, explain why I changed what I changed and why it’s saving as much in terms of performance as it is. Some feed back here on that idea would be nice if any willing visitors would care to comment.

Your faithful coderer.


About jacklouismorgan

Programmer and visual design artist extordinaire.
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2 Responses to The Denoument

  1. Tansel says:

    That would be incredibly generous of you and helpful for us 🙂

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