Overwhelming success!

Nobody could have predicted just how deep the impact Dear Esther would make on the industry. Managing to pay off it’s investors in a mere 5 and a half hours and soaring to a massive 16,000 sales in the first 24 hours (seeing it claim the top sales position on the Steam digital distribution service). I have been blown away by the overwhelming success of this project and, being that it is drawing to a close, I feel like a great weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. A big thankyou everyone for the incredible support for this game!

P.S. I am always looking for more game developer work, you can view my LinkedIn profile here,

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About jacklouismorgan

Programmer and visual design artist extordinaire.
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2 Responses to Overwhelming success!

  1. tom says:

    The island landscape intrigues me. It’s obviously too dry for Scotland. It looks a little like the remote edges of the Balearics in the Autumn. Where is it, “roughly” ? Tom

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