Compiling: Check!

So today I’ve finally managed to get the project files to compile (everything with the exception of the engine.dlls, which I don’t need right now) and the game executable is bypassing the steam protection so I can run my version stand alone. Big thanks to all the help from Mike Durand over in Seattle at Valve for working them late nights to get us up and running.
This was unlike setting up any project I’ve ever worked on before. Valve are running a set of custom scripts and tools that auto generate the Visual Studio 2010 project files and they rely on a whole bunch of environment variables to be pointing in the right direction. Unfortunately the script that was to set up my machine with the requisite environment variables wasn’t setup to be compatible with anyone working off of a valve machine (and probably developing Portal2). Thankfully Durand whipped up a replacement script and we got the whole thing sorted.

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And so we began our journey…

Greetings to any and all who, having found themselves rather recently stumbling upon this blog, are wondering exactly what they themselves are doing stumbling at all, let alone upon something, especially a something which actually happens to be greeting them in such a way that it seems to expect that it might be stumbled upon. You are most welcome here.

And of course to all those who have come here with full prior knowledge of this blogs existence I beg of you please, sit down, be comfortable, help yourself to whatever you have in your own fridge or cheese pantry and let’s help create a charming atmosphere for all the stumblers that might come stumbling.

Greetings done and discarded, let me begin again by introducing the intention of this particular nook in cyberspace. The crux of it is I’m a computer programmer having recently acquired some work doing said programming under contract from a studio calling itself ‘The Chinese Room’.

I think here I should outline the major players at work in this circumstance beginning with the founder and proprietor of The Chinese Room Dan Pinchbeck.!/danpinchbeck

And then we come to Robert Briscoe. A man who had been frivolously wiling his time away working on a remake of Pinchbeck’s Dear Esther.


Which I suppose brings us to the actual meat of the blog. Seems all Briscoe’s wiling was not so frivolous at all. Not quite at all indeed. Seems people tended to admire Rob’s art, the depth of Dan’s story, the genuine sense of a true artistic experience that was inspired in people through this strange and new experiement in game design. And the thought occurred that the project, with all this interest, with all this love borne for it in the world, might have achieved an unforeseen commerical viability. I myself had been grinding away at the project’s lines upon lines of code with my standard programmer issued programmery things under the direction of Robert (some might have called me a ‘wiler’ too) and was never concerned for a moment that it might see a dime, or a nickle, come roll my way (no not me sir, a resounding no!).

And yet, you welcomed stumblers and comfortable fellows, it has become a thing which is now a commercial pursuit. Software licenses have been purchased, investors found and investments secured and we are all ready and go here friends. And what of this blog? Why are you being informed with all this? Because I intend for you to share my journey, the programmer’s journey, as Dear Esther is built.

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